Chocolate, Tobacco, Vanilla ‘CHEWBACCA’ ‘Stache Wax

Chocolate, Tobacco, Vanilla ‘CHEWBACCA’ ‘Stache Wax



Good cigar or pipe tobacco is a quintessentially masculine smell. The depth of tobacco’s scent is as complex as a fine wine or single malt. For some, it conjures up images of smoking jackets, brandy, and big game trophies hanging on walnut paneling. For others, it evokes great men like Tolkien, Twain, Churchill, Einstein—all remembered with pipe or cigar in hand. Although modern health concerns have made smoking less advisable, we here at Universal Beard think the best part of fine tobacco—the aroma—should still be enjoyed.

We blend tobacco, cocoa, coffee bean, and vanilla to create a beard balm and ‘stache wax that suggest the enjoyment of a bowl of vanilla Cavendish without the risks. Just like its famous namesake, this blend is a great companion for whatever mission you have ahead of you today. We think Kasyyyk’s most famous native son would be proud.