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Western Maple – Dark Walnut Wooden Beard Comb

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It wasn’t until the 20th Century that cheap, mass produced combs became widely available. For millennia prior to that, handcrafted wooden combs were the ultimate grooming tool. Some people feel that they still are.

Our wooden combs are created for us by Historyk Customs, and each is a reminder of a time when craftsmen took pride in making even the simple tools of daily life into works of art. Each starts with dark walnut, and then carefully selected lengths of zebra wood, purpleheart, or western maple are hand inlayed. Each piece of wood is different, so the meticulous hand sanding and finishing lets the individual character of each comb emerge. The end result is a grooming tool as unique as your beard. Put these in your grooming kit, and enjoy the ancient art of being a beardsman.

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