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Peppermint Citrus Moustache Wax

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The cooling flavor of Mentha piperita, commonly known as peppermint, has been enjoyed for millennia. In the ancient world it was used to flavor food and drink, clear the mind, soothe the stomach, and even to repel insects. Aristotle believed it was as an aphrodisiac, and Alexander the Great outlawed it for his soldiers because the erotic thoughts it caused fostered disorder in the ranks. We blend peppermint with wintergreen, and then add a mix of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and tangerine to give this scent a cool minty head with a light citrus finish. Try it, and create some disorder of your own.


Universal Moustache Wax:
Our moustache wax comes in a 1/2-ounce tin (perfect for your pocket or desk drawer, for midday touch ups). We offer two levels of hold so you can choose what’s right for training your ‘stache; medium or Stiff. Each starts with an all-organic mix of bees wax and lanolin, blended with hemp seed, jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, and avocado oils. A potion of essential oils completes each blend. Choose one of our popular blends, or contact us about creating a wax just for your ‘stache.

Moustache wax is similar to beard balm, but its thicker formula offers more hold for styling your moustache. Often, Beardsmen think they only need moustache wax if they are going to rock some handlebars, but wax has many uses.

While your moustache is growing in, it can be difficult to train. It will often fall straight down over your lip and get in the way of eating and drinking. Moustache wax can help, by helping your soup strainer to part correctly, and lay out toward the corners of your mouth.

To use moustache wax, start with a dab the size of a pea (using the back of your fingernail makes it easier to get it out of the tin). Rub this between your index fingers to liquefy the wax. Once it’s melted, get your thumbs involved too—you want wax on both index fingers and both thumbs.

Starting in the middle, right under your nose, apply the wax with outward strokes. Use your index fingers on top and your thumbs underneath to distribute the wax evenly. Once your moustache is well waxed, use a comb to make a clean part in the middle, and comb the ends outward, away from your mouth. You may want to add more wax to the very center at this point. This is a problem spot for many Beardsmen until the moustache is long enough to stay parted. Once your ‘stache is combed out, it’s time to twist the ends or work on those handlebar curls if you wish.

Hold Strength

Medium, Stiff

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  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5

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    i’ve experimented with the stiff wax, with great results. the scents are well blended, and the peppermint is very prominent and sweet. The Citrus gives it a nice rounded finish, as it dwells a bit in the background. the stiff hold needs some good heating between the fingers, but man, once you get it going it spreads very well, and is absorbed quickly even when you apply a thick layer. It has a great hold, and it lasts very well.

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